Stack Scheduler Cloud

The digital manufacturing solution by Stack is a cloud based Artificial Intelligent (AI) system that assists corporations to operate with minimum human interference while optimizing product throughput and transparency.

Schedular using an AI algorithm is specialized for Make-To-Order businesses, although Make-To-Stock scenarios can also be accomodated through the platform. The planning software developed by Stack facilitates the manufacturing planning operations of the market leading apparel company in Sri Lanka since 2017.

The system is unique as the suits could be tailored to adopt to the requirements of the client rather than implementing what has already been built.

The software although originally hosted on cloud servers can be migrated to on premise as per the clients request.

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Customizable Calendars


Set work calendars for future periods for departments | Workstations or even line wise

Improve Machine Changeovers


Machine changeovers and downtime can be minimized based on the level of optimization required



Change work shift hours in the production floor for each departments | Workstations or even line wise



Improve the visibility of the production floor with access to real time information



Adjust your human resource allocation based on the demands and related operational scenarios

Manage Tools and Assets


Manage tools and other assets in the production floor. Ability to add new additions to the tools inventory


Production Scheduling

Summery Features 
  • Automatic Planner
  • Semi Automatic Planner
  • Automatic re-planning of the unfixed region
  • Manually update fixed region
  • Transfer Demand Operations to Different Plant
  • Re plan
  • Prioritize Operations
  • Planning filter (based on Material Availability / Delivery date)
  • Plan operation using drag and drop functions
  • Edit plan board line bucket (size, efficiency, carder)
Summery Features
  • Plan on virtual environment before hand
  • Fix or lock plan after confirmation
  • Estimate the delivery dates prior to order confirmation based on material and resource availability
  • Suggest more practical and realistic delivery dates
Summery Features
  • View progress of each order in real time
  • Sort by department / operation for clear visibility
Summery Features
  • View production flow (tree) of any item. (Operations and raw materials)
  • Edit the flow
Summery Features
  • Maintain mold inventory
  • Maintain any production related reusable items in inventory
  • Maintain tool inventory
  • Number of molds or last in the section. For each section (plan board) there is a mold inventory. (only be used by the molding section)
Summery Features
  • Create Machine heads or lines
  • Set initial configuration, carder and efficiency
  • Machine head groups to represent machines
Summery Features
  • Operation wise WIP (input, in-progress and output WIP for each operation)
  • Daily, hourly variation
  • Total WIP in all sections of a plant
Summery Features
  • History of all the changes made to the plan are showed
  • Responsible person / Reason for change / time stamps / production order number etc. are shown.
  • All plan changes on any plan board
  • Responsible person or automatic agent
Summery Features
  • Automatically records all activities of the users
  • Time, activity and relevant parameters are shown
Summery Features
  • If ERP system does facilitate holding any attributes (ex: color, mold type, size) related to items. Such items can be uploaded from this view.
  • User can select an csv file and upload
Summery Features
  • Shows jobs on multiple statuses
    • Hold
    • Cancelled
    • Active
    • Pending
Summery Features
  • Similar to item editor. User can see the manufacturing flow of a particular demand/order.
  • User can view all the operations, intermediate demands and RM requirements.
  • Indicate plan of the operation and allow user to transfer it to a different plant.
Summery Features
  • View All the orders and intermediate demands(item requirements) of the system.
  • View raw material demand
  • Can filter by operation or date
Summery Features
  • Daily Plant to actual difference
  • Planned Line Utilization
  • Capacity availability of each plan board with time (futuristic)


  • MRP
  • Estimated Material Requirement
  • Material demand
  • Time requirement
  • Wastage


  • Anomaly Detection
  • Daily vs Actual
  • Delayed jobs/tasks
  • Potential to get delayed
  • Material delays
  • Revenue losses
  • Employee performance


  • Demand Forecasting
  • Material Forecasting
  • Edits
  • Attendance Forecast


  • Customer Management
  • Customer order portal
  • Order views
  • Marketing portal


  • Attendance
  • Timesheets
  • Work allocations