Multiple datasets with one web site or system fed from one or more locations
Multiple datasets feeding more than one web site or system with data potentially split across systems from each source
Automated, scheduled synchronization of frequently changing digital assets including documents and images
Easy to add additional data sources for the same web site or system
Multiple Scheduled Outbound events
Multiple Scheduled Inbound events
Table to table mapping
View to table mapping
Field to field mapping
Works with any ODBC compliant source
Adjust views
Provides data export (CSV, XLS, XML)

Are you looking to connect your online store or the portal with your backend systems?

TranSync Direct is a market proven integration solution to seamlessly synchronise web stores and portals with Account, CRM, ERP, Payroll, Warehouse Management and Document Management systems.

Key Benefits

Automating data flow between your customer facing websites and internal business systems improve efficiency, accuracy and consistency across all systems. From day one you will notice a significant reduction in operational expenses, increase in company and employee productivity and improved profit margins. More importantly real-time data transfer between systems improve your customer’s buying experience as well as the pre and after sales experience.

We Integrate to

Our integration connector, TranSync Direct is built on an integration framework and is what actually connects online stores and platforms with third-party systems. We have worked on one to one integrations as well as multiple system integrations. Here are some of the business system we have worked with: